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Meet Julia

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established."  Matthew 7:24 †

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    Here to Advocate for YOU <3

    Law of One

    Love is my Religion

    Spiritual Counselor

    Ordained Minister

    Reiki Energy Healer

    B.S. Psychology

    Certified Mental Health First Aid

    Local Florida Realtor Advocate

    Business Owner 

    Former Teacher

    Domestic Violence Advocate

    Former Trial Clerk

    (Criminal, Civil, Family, Child Support)


    Hello and Welcome to I AM A SAFE PLACE! 

    I love helping people! Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida. Currently, I live in Clermont, Florida along with my husband of 30 years. I’m blessed to be a mom to three incredible children and two German Shephard boys. My hobbies include gardening, reading, writing, traveling, painting, home DIY projects, and I love going on cruises and anything nature!! Family and moral values are central to everything I am! I love bringing light into darkness. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with concentration in Domestic Violence from University of Central Florida. My passion is devoted to helping people develop their self-worth and become leaders in our society regardless of their background or circumstances. My passion for helping those who cannot help themselves began as a child. I was bullied in school; I am a survivor of childhood trauma.

    This began the start of my journey on my quest to help humanity. I am a former 1st and 5th Grade Teacher, for former Criminal Court, Civil Court, Family Court, and Child Support Trial Clerk, and former Domestic Violence Advocate. My work experience has given me insight as to the state of mind and condition the human collective is in. The number of hurt, broken, misunderstood, alone, and unloved people, children, and families are far too many. But the real defining moment was the year my daughter, survivor of dating violence, survived being run over by her ex boyfriend. Now standing in front of me was my daughter, a hurt and broken human- needing complete mind, body, soul healing. I took a leap of faith and left corporate to pursue my true calling and purpose - my passion - to help humanity. Today, I am now an Ordained Minister, Reiki Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Bible Study and Support Group Leader. I am a Local Realtor Advocate and avid Advocate for Affordable Housing. I am a dedicated and hard-working humanitarian, with a strong passion for helping others, and a comprehensive background in providing professional support to youth and families. I am compassionate, empathetic, ready, willing, and able to help humanity in any way I can. The combination of my ethics, morals, education, past employments, and personal history bring value and desire to help alleviate those who are in pain and suffering. This is my story and why I created I AM A SAFE PLACE.

    Thank you for your prayers and support!

    Julia D’Arts

    "Affordable Housing is a safe place"

    “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established” Matthew 7:24

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